Club History

For many years, we thought the club was established in 1924, but we were wrong! A man by the name of Tony Newman (see below), has been doing a history on Congregational Church Cricket and discovered that our club was established in 1893. Tony has compiled a history of the club from 1893 to 1981/82, mainly from newspaper reports. He has done a very good job. Our first President was the Reverend H. Jones. The players named in our firstmatch were Thomas, Harrow, McGuire, Rev H. Jones, Maynard, Hicks, Hicks, Saunders, Johnson, White and Worthington and we played against North Williamstown Presbyterian's. The result of the match is unknown.

If you would like a copy of what Tony has done, let me know and l will send you a copy. 

Tony Newman is the records secretary and player for the Wyclif Cricket Club (formally Surrey Hills Congregational Church Cricket club) in Surrey Hills.

Player averages, association awards, partnerships, office bearers, etc are incomplete, as we only have score books, minute books etc form 1984 onwards. There are some stats from pre 1984, only because some books have been returned to the club from players that have had them. We believe that the books from pre 1984 may have been inadvertently thrown out, or destroyed in a fire at the Church in Stevedore St, Williamstown.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of any scorebooks, minute books, photos etc, please contact Darryl Tubbs.